Group Overview

BVK Group Ventures
Our Founder is the brain behind Indus Finance Corporation Limited - IFCL promoting various successful ventures such as, Indowind Energy Limited (IEL), Indonetglobal Limited (ING), IndEco Ventures Limited (IVL), Bekae Properties P Limited (BPPL) along with qualified and experienced professionals. The group has more than 100 clients across sectors, with more than 300 employees for value creation.

INDUS FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED - IFCL through its equity and debt assisted ventures to various corporates in different sectors like RE, Textiles, Property development etc, with a special focus on supporting new ventures for entrepreneurial development and job creation.

INDOWIND ENERGY LIMITED - IEL has developed around 70MW Renewable energy capacity in Wind in Tamilnadu & Karnataka to meet the energy needs of the states, providing direct employment to more than 100 persons.

INDECO VENTURES LIMITED - IVL is our emerging flagship company venturing into the Solar Field as an IPP, as a Eco-Friendly business model.

BEKAE PROPERTIES P LIMITED - BPPL is a property management company with plans to develop more than one million sft of commercial and residential properties.

BVK Group Enterprises are role models of companies in the true service of people, providing energy, housing and finance for us to lead a comfortable life committed to environment…...its conservation for our future generations…..drawing our needs from nature, without harming the ambience of our wonderful earth.

The BVK Group enterprises are successfully run by professionals from diverse fields with extensive work experience, manning the operations 24 x7. The team is highly motivated with an incentivised compensation system ensuring superior performance. The management policy ensures providing a lifetime career, with staff welfare benefits such as affordable Housing, family medicare etc., as a responsible employer.





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